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For more information on Mongolia:


Sporadically updated but useful and well designed source of practical and cultural information on the country.


All about gers, the felt tents and traditional homes of Mongolians.


Listen to Mongolia's international shortwave service. There is nothing like it on the airwaves.


Mongolia's state news agency; domestic news in English in the inimitable Montsame style.


The UB Post, Ulaanbaatar's independent English-language weekly newspaper.


And its state-owned rival, The Mongol Messenger.

And another of my favourite countries:


Daily news from vivacious, volcanic Iceland; another cold, remote country often never heard from.


First launched by Jill's husband Dave in 1997, this is the official UN website for Mongolia. A mixed bag of official pronouncements, documents and news, it also has Mongolia's first online magazine, Ger (which is the Mongolian for the nomadic felt tent but also means home). Jill was a contributing writer to this magazine.


Ger magazine, Mongolia's first online magazine, is a UN project working with Mongolian journalists to explore the big issues and stories of the transition years. The four issues explore the themes of youth in transition, modern life and post-communist culture. You can read Jill's story on Mongolia's burgeoning high tech scene.

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